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The world’s smartest trading app

Billed as ‘The World’s Smartest Trading App’, ProfitPips has taken convenience to a whole new level.

With ProfitPips, you get trade calls sent directly to your mobile phone; complete with specific entry and exit points. In short, you don’t have to waste precious time to watch the markets and wait for a trade set-up.

Leveraging on cutting-edge technology, ProfitPips will literally change the way you make consistent profits however…

Using my proven strategies and professional advice, my coaches have trained over 3,000 ProfitPips member to trade Forex with consistent annual profits in excess of 50%

Convenience is the ultimate freedom

Would you prefer to trade on
your mobile phone or laptop?

  • of 500 traders surveyed said they prefer their mobile phone because:

    • It is always with me
    • It is always ‘ON’
    • I am not stuck in one place

Would you prefer to figure out trades on your own or have a mentor with a proven track record send trade calls to your phone?

  • of 500 traders surveyed said they prefer to have trades sent direct to their mobile phones.



Because all of us are searching for a way to have more time and more money. With trade calls sent to you on your phone, you now have the answer to ultimate financial freedom.

This is the reason I created ProfitPips, a revolutionary mobile app.


Why is ProfitPips so powerful?

The “normal” way of trading follows the following 6 steps:

  1. 1. Watch the charts
  2. 2. Wait for a setup
  3. 3. Calculate entry, stop loss and profit target prices
  4. 4. Calculate lot size
  5. 5. Execute trade
  6. 6. Monitor trade

Getting into a trade could easily take up 1-2 hours of your precious time – and that’s when done correctly

With ProfitPips, the “6 step process” is now a thing of the past.

In 2 simple steps, ProfitPips solves the “6 step process” immediately:

  1. 1. Receive Trade Call
  2. 2. Execute Trade

It’s that simple! All you need to do is to follow the trade calls that come directly to your mobile phone!